Nicolas Celoro - Press


Teatro de la Maestranza at Sevilla (Spain)
"... Compared to the most unforgettable personnalities of pianists, Nicolas Celoro plays with the technical and artistic attributes that we remember as the best ..." El Correo - F. Melguizo (recital at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville)


Concert at the festival "Liszt en Provence" (France)

"... a wonderful artist, which serves works of Liszt with a virtuosity that splashes the scene (...). Nicolas Celoro had the greatest masters, Ciccolini, Barbizet, Cziffra ... He took the best from their teaching, he added his own personality, his own sensibility and refinement. The mixture generated an exceptional talent. " (La Provence - 14/08/2011)


Concert in Orleans (France) , in the concert hall of the “Institute”:"Nicolas Celoro expresses all the emotional strength that every works of Liszt inspires him. His playing is alternately so virtuoso, expressive, tender and passionate ... " Soulat Florence, La République du Centre - 30/01/2012


Concert at the festival of “la Chaise-Dieu”, in honor of Gyorgy Cziffra:

"... The Second Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt was a total glare, a realization that Master Cziffra himself could have considered really exceptional. Nicolas Celoro has transcended himself in playing this archi-well known rhapsody giving it a totally new appearance due to a very high class interpretation . " Central France

Concert at the Victoria Hall in Geneva (May 30, 2013):

" His nuanced and perfectly polished game unfolds masterfully all the qualities of courage and the gift of high-wire that Liszt's music requires. We remain astonished by a such ease and natural. " Tribune de Geneva

Concert Theatre in Reggio Emilia (Italy):

"We did not hear in Reggio Emilia, since the already distant time of Cortot, Magaloff or Pollini, the 24 Preludes by Chopin played with so much poetry, dominating with such nonchalance the technical and interpretative difficulties. In this interpretation, Nicolas Celoro showed a remarkable maturity touching, at certain times, the highest expression we ever heared. " Gazzetta di Reggio