Pierre Réach - Schedule


From 20 January to 2 February: concerts and master classes in the US (Yale, Florida, Arkansas, New York)
March 13: Winterreise by Schubert with baritone Joan Martin-Royo in Barcelona Sarria theater
March 20 to April 8: concerts and master classes in Japan (Kyoto and Tokyo).
From 20 May to 1 June: China, concerts and masterclasses in Xiamen and Shanghai.
July 2: Castelnaudary
From 4 to 6 July in Paris: rehearsals with pianist Cyprien Katsaris two pianos
From 7 to 15 July: concert and direction Vila-seca festival in Spain
From July 16 to July 29: Art Direction festival - Piano-Pic academy in Bagnères de Bigorre.
From 1 to 7 August: Concert and master classes in Poland
From 13 to 23 August, Blonay Festival in Switzerland: two concerts on 15 and 19 and masterclasses
From 24 to 28 August: Concerts at the Liszt Festival in Italy Grottammare
December 29: Variations Goldberg Bach at the festival in Gstaad (Switzerland)