Duett Magali Léger - Gilbert Clamens


Dsc 3210 copieCrédit Photo : François De Villeneuve

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An avid fan of music from all over the world, guitarist and composer Gilbert Clamens has been striving to break down barriers between genres and bridge oral traditions and written music. When meeting soprano singer Magali Léger in 2015 at the chamber music festival Rencontres internationales de musique de chambre in Albi, he found in her a true continuation of his work and an authentic echo to his approach as a musician.Driven by a shared passion for Spanish and Latin American music, the repertoire of the Magali Léger – Gilbert Clamens duo naturally turns towards an exciting geographical and chronological fusion of genres. The flame of Magali Léger’s vibrant vocals is woven from all the joy and tears of the world. At times, her melodies seem suspended above guitar harmonies, at times they mingle, interlace and fuse to create a powerful yet intimate and enchanting music.

Cantares sets sail for Granada, Cordoba, Seville, as well as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

Adapted by Gilbert Clamens, the sophisticated arrangements of Spanish and Spanish-American folk songs bring light to the most beautiful pages by great Spanish and Latin-American masters like M. de Falla, E. Granados, J. Turina, J. Rodrigo, A. Piazzolla, H. Villa-Lobos… a vibrant tribute to a people who has been magnificently celebrating guitar and vocals for centuries.

To both Magali Léger and Gilbert Clamens, ʺthe stage is the most beautiful of ships. We continue to travel because our questions remain unanswered. Through music and poetry, we question the ephemeral to share with the audience all the emotion found within us.ʺ

Translation in english: Aude Di Paolantonio