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Les passions disque carre foliesFolieS ! (Thierry Huillet creation) 

Extracts : Extract 1 : Orelli

Extract 2 : Huillet

Extract 3 : Vivaldi

Folias have already been the subject of a great many recordings and there is a vaste repertoire dedicated to this theme. In any case, it seems to us that it would be of interest to offer a programme based on this evergreen "standard," whose sucess may unabashedly be compared with that enjoyed by Twentieth Century blues. This gives us a good excuse to express unbriedled imagination and conviviality. The simple project wich spurred us on for this CD was to create a selection of four versions, alternated by recorder pieces, all in a festive, sharing spirit. 
Duration :  65'

Recorded in july 2014 at Saint-Pierre des Chartreux Church of  Toulouse. 

Label Ligia /  Harmonia Mundi Distribution, 2014.  Artistic Direction : Laurence Heym. Sound recording : Eric Baratin.


► Arcangelo Corelli (1653 – 1713) – Francesco Geminiani (1687 – 1762) : Follia for recorder and strings 

►Georg-Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767) : Sonate in trio in F Major n°7,  for recorder, cello and continuo bass  TWV 42:F3

► Benedetto Giacomo Marcello (1686 – 1739) : Ciaccona in F Major extract from the opus number 2 n°12

► Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741) : La Follia, sonate in D minor for 2 violins and continuo bass RV 63 

►Giovanni Battista Sammartini (1700 – 1775) : Sonate in B b Major  for recorder and continuo bass Sibley n°21 

► Henry Purcell (1659 – 1685) – Chaconne for 3 recorders and continuo bass Three parts upon a ground 

► J-S. Bach (1685 – 1750) : Aria Unser trefflicher lieber Kammerherr  extract from la Cantate des Paysans BWV 212, transcription for voice flute

► François Couperin (1668 – 1733) : Le Rossignol en Amour Extract from the third book Pièces de clavecin for the harpsichord

►Thierry Huillet (1965) : Folies !  –  Order of Passions and creation in 2010

Les passions disque carre coffret gillesJean Gilles anthology in 3 volumes

Extracts : extract 1 Motet cantate jordanis incolae ut nunciatus

Extract 2 : Messe en ré agnus dei

Extract 3 : Lamentations vendredi jod sedebit

Starts in 2008, this Jean Gilles anthology produced by Les Passions and the Chamber Choir Les Eléments ends this year with the publication of a musical set gather three volumes of major work of Jean Gilles. Noteworthy by international critics and support by La Chaise-Dieu Festival since the beggining, this audacious anthology is henceforth used like a reference of the famous Requiem or the sumptuous Te Deum. It is also the first international recording of Messe en Ré.
These discs were recorded at the Saint-Pierre des Chartreux Church of Toulouse in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Label Ligia / Harmonia Mundi Distribution, 2013.
Artistic direction : Aline Blondiau / Olivier Vernet. Recording and arrangement : Eric Baratin.

Anne Magouët, dessus
Vincent Lièvre-Picard, haute-contre
Bruno Boterf / Jean-François Novelli, taille
Alain Buet, basse-taille

Chamber Choir Les Eléments (Joël Suhubiette)
Orchestre Les Passions
Direction : Jean-Marc Andrieu

Contents (3 discs)

► Requiem

► Lamentations

► Te Deum

► Messe en ré

► Motet "Cantate Jordanis Incolae"

► Motet "Diligam te, Domine"

Duration :  68'10 / 66'40 / 78'16


Les passions disque carre beata maria charpentierBeata est Maria. Charpentier

Extracs : extract 1 : Beata est maria magnificat


Extract 2 : beata est maria litanies de la vierge

A pleasant "meslange" of timbres, three voices and an instrumental ensemble directed by   Jean-Marc Andrieu, gives at these motets a particular colour, full of mysticism, expressiveness and depth. The Marc-Antoine Charpentier writting distinguish itself from his time. 

► Muse d'or du magazine Muse Baroque
► Coup de coeur de ClassicToulouse.fr

Vincent Lièvre-Picard, countertenor
Sébastien Obrecht, baritenore
Jean-Manuel Candenot, bass bartione

Les Passions Orchestra
Flavio Losco, Nirina Betoto, violins
Laurence Pottier, recorder
Fabienne Azéma, Jean-François Bougès, traverse flute
Etienne Mangot, bass of violin
Ronaldo Lopes, theorbo
Yasuko Uyama-Bouvard, organ
Recorder and direction : Jean-Marc Andrieu

Beata est Maria was recorded in September 2011 at  l'Abbaye-Ecole in Sorèze.
Label Ligia / Harmonia Mundi Distribution, 2011. Artistic direction : Dominique Daigremont. Recording and arrangement : Eric Baratin.
With the support of  l'ADAMI and the ADDA 82.




1 – Magnificat
2 – Beata est Maria
3 – Ouverture pour l’église  
4 – Veni Creator  
5 – Prélude 
6 – Salve Regina
7 – Ad beatam virginem "Hodie Salus"  
8 – Prélude
9 – Elévation pour la paix "O bone Jesu"
10 – Ouverture "Pour un reposoir"
11 – Laudate Dominum      
12 – Litanies de la Vierge                 

Duration :  56'

Les passions disque carre cantem nadalCantem Nadal – Occitan Baroque Christmas

Musical and human adventure, the Occitan Baroque Christmas is above all the opportunity to rediscover an exciting musical heritage. We would like to share with you this timeless collection of simple and beautiful melodies.  

► Prix Charles-Mouly of the Académie des Arts, Lettres et Sciences du Languedoc
► Coup de Coeur 2009 de l'Académie d'Occitanie

Traditional musicians 
Équidad Barès, Céline Magrini, Renat Jurié, singing
Guy Bertrand, flutes, reed clarinet, hurdy-gurdy, psalterium, singing
Éric Montbel, flutes, french bag pipes, reed clarinet, singing

Les Passions
Nadia Lavoyer, singing
Jean-Marc Andrieu, recorder, percussions, singing
Nirina Betoto, violin, alto
Etienne Mangot, viola de gamba

Les Sacqueboutiers
Jean-Pierre Canihac, cornetts
Daniel Lassalle, tenor sackbut
Philippe Canguilhem, alto dulcian, alto bombard
Laurent Le Chenadec et Fanette Estrade, bass dulcian
Florent Tisseyre, percussions

Cantem Nadal – Occitan Baroque Christmas was recorded in 2009 at the Saint-Jean Baptiste Chapel in Toulouse. Label Ligia Digital/ Harmonia Mundi Distribution, 2009. Harmonisation of carols : Eric Montbel.
With the support of ADDA 82 and Odyssud-Blagnac.


1 – Anem, anem a Nòstra Dama  
2 – Vautre que siatz assemblats
3 – La bona novèla
4 – Gavotte de Praetorius
5 – Vague tout per escudèla
6 – Nosta Dauna deu cap deu pont
7 – Ai sachut que vos siatz acochada
8 – Volètz ausir la veritat
9 – Bransle double de Gervaise
10 – Pastorelet

11 – Sus lo cotau
12 – Nòstre sénher fai entendre
13 – Sus pastorèus di montanhas
14 – Anem, anem/Bransle de la Reine
15 – Nautres siam eicí venguts
16 – Pastres placatz vòstre tropèu
17 – Anem veire l’enfanton
18 – Courante de Praetorius
19 – Anem, anem pastoras
20 – Entà Nadal
21 – Nadal tindaire
22 – Cantem encara

Duration :  63'17