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Françoise Choveaux, la « peintre de la musique » en résidence au CRD à Yerres - Mars 2022 - Read the article

"A playing entirely dominated by a taste for the beautiful piano" Diapason

"Emotion in F. Choveaux is an intense fire... It is a bouquet of emotions that is offered, a deliberately devouring fire" L'Est Républicain, Jean-Pierre Govignaux

"She benefited from F. Choveaux's thorough acting, which brought out a hitherto undemonstrated expressiveness and a rare ability to communicate pathos" Los Angeles Times

"A precise, colourful performance that knows how to adapt to each page" Diapason, Jean-Yves Bras

"I will always be one of the greatest defenders of F. Choveaux's talent" René Koering

"A passionate ardour to translate a universe of emotions" La Voix du Nord

"Works magnificently served by the interpreter" La Marseillaise, Gabriel Vialle

"Everything is superbly interpreted, told with delicacy, poetry and finesse of feeling" Compact, Jean Gallois