Laure Favre-Kahn - Press


“From the famous records of Dinu Lipatti’s to the ones of Jean-Marc Luisada, and not to forget Rubinstein and the others, Laure FavreKahn has succeeded miraculously in making us forget them all by her trendy and graceful style. She brings the humility of nostalgia and the expressive commitment of a speaking soul all together. she has a refined tone with multiple and subtle colors, an art of flexion and shading, and her phrasing comes from the heart. She is a virtuoso and poet and she knows how to make a charming sketch that leaves a long lasting impression in the hearts of people. In fact she makes us rediscover these waltzes like priceless jewels.” Classique d’or RTL by Alain Duault

“Rapidly repeated notes are done by the pianist Laure Favre-Kahn with a surprising virtuosity and sharp mind that only people like Nicolas Angelish, Martha Argerich or Arkadi Volodos are usually able of.” Le Monde de la Musique

"The young woman doesn’t need more power or fingers. Most importantly she keeps her phrases, and make her piano freely and easily sing with a full and round tone. Laure Favre-Kahn has got a true personality and an indisputable presence. This small little thing holds your attention and she prevails through risks." Diapason

"Laure Favre-Kahn seems to get something from the absolute spontaneity of Dinu Lipatti, combined with the energy that we would imagine from Martha Argerich if she was performing her plays. Definitely beautifully handled! And the revelation, or confirmation of a pianist and a musician is absolutely remarkable. A miraculous recital which rescues us like nothing else from (tears us away from) the rudeness of time and carries us in a universe filled with dreams, celebrations, turbulence, delicate confessions and nostalgia." Classica Répertoire