Pierre Reach - Press


"Only a musician of intrepid character attempts Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The piano version of this summit of repertoire claims the requisite euphoria when a musician of bold and refined personality takes command. Reach is such a pianist. He played with fierce concentration and remarkable fluency... The tender episodes were set in fine contrast to the extroverted flourishes. Reach held the collection together like a master architect". The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Donald Rosenberg


"By about seven minutes into this performance, I realized that I should have known of this man years ago..." Ivan Katz, Yale


"This feat, mind-blowing for its concentration alone, allowed the set to take on an unusual personality." Jeffrey Johnson, Yale, The Courant


"In his playing, Réach acknowledged all the quirkiness of the piece while bringing his impressive technical gifts to bear on its virtuosic gestures and his unerring musicianship to the expression of its dramatic and lyrical content." Daniel Hathaway, Cleveland


"This was first rate music making." The New York Times

"Richmond Symphony-goers discovered a world class pianist last night". The Richmond News Leader


"Reach is a pianist to look out for. His technique is flawless and his interpretation of the much-played Grieg Concerto was always sensitive and wonderfully assured. He received an enthusiastic ovation from the large audience." Manchester Evening News.

"All the best Mozartian qualities were present in Pierre Reach’s playing of the K271 piano Concerto, a performance that once it got going combined grace, imagination, rafinement and fluidity of execution". The Daily News.