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Les spectacles concert-théâtre présentés ici sont tous conçus, réalisés et interprétés par des artistes reconnus dans le monde entier : Alain Carré, comédien - Olivia Oneto Dalric, comédienne - Pierre Réach, pianiste - Maïté Louis, violoniste - Lorène de Ratuld, pianiste - Rebecca Chaillot, pianiste - Célia Oneto Bensaid, pianiste - Aurélien Pontier, pianiste - Cyril Guillotin, pianiste - Pierre Richard, comédien - François Marthouret, comédien

Préludes Poétiques #Debussy

Consider two works and two artists: a daring work that revolutionized the music of the twentieth century, Debussy's Preludes for which I began to search for poetic texts ...

Casanova 300x286
Casanova, séducteur libertin with Rebecca Chaillot and Alain Carré

Rebecca Chaillot and Alain Carré mix MOZART's musical epistolary style with this creation, in the form of a spoken and performed chamber opera, retracing the life of Casanova, of his romantic, political encounters across Europe and the Arts of the 18th century Enlightenment.

George sand eugene delacroix 5633905
L'homme-oiseau, c'est l'artiste with Rebecca Chaillot and Alain Carré

Through George Sand's writings and Chopin's notes, Rebecca Chaillot and Alain Carré shed light on the relationship of these two geniuses through the omnipresence of music in their daily lives, close or distant from each other. This couple, George and Frederic, was three ... and the music was their common mistress!

Bacchus 2984495 1920
Ballades à boire, de Bach à Bacchus with Rebecca Chaillot and Alain Carré

This creation can be proposed in the form of a highly festive recital of one hour twenty or, in several passages, as part of an event meal. All the wines of France are at the party that sing the notes and words to taste without moderation!

Truffle 2341781 1920
Ballades truffées with Rebecca Chaillot and Alain Carré

Take a note, take two notes, Cook like eggs, Take a little truffle Then a big piece of innocence Heat up slowly At the small fire of the technique Pour the enigmatic sauce A good glass of white wine Sprinkle some stars And then, set sail! Enjoy your meal !

Candide ou l'optimisme with Rebecca Chaillot and Alain Carré

We must therefore play this text as one of the rare jewels of comic prose, delight in it, attentive to the tempo, the protests, the gags that the horrors of the world and the mundane sadness of life inspire an illustrious young man of Sixty-five-year-old refugee, but not satiated, on the edge of a mild lake!

Wine 3092944 1920
Beethove, à l'immortelle bien-aimée with Alain Carré

Ludwig van Beethoven died on March 26, 1827, at quarter past five in the afternoon. It had snowed, the ground was white outside, and a winter storm had broken out.

La symphonie fatastique with Pierre Réach and Alain Carré

Berlioz is not a novelist or a biographer. He is even more, a journalist and a critic, always in the making and a huge writer still too little known today.

Le Brahms du cerf with Maïté Louis, Aurélien Pontier and Alain Carré

Maïté Louis (the violinist), Aurélien Pontier (the pianist) and Alain Carré (the actor) evolve in a forest of sounds, words and images among the deer. Genius is a response to the impossibility of living, the leaping of the stag over the pack.

1075 espana escudo ii republica 400px
Dans les jardins d'Espagne avec Maïté Louis, N.M. Vizcaino et Alain Carré

Many poets, and some of the greatest, have sung their country. No literature, perhaps, has evoked the theme of the native land with as much insistence and passion as Spanish literature.

Je deviens sourd avec Lorène de Ratuld et Alain Carré

Alain Carré and Lorène de Ratuld draw us into the world of Beethoven, the character, his tastes, his critical and particular look at the life of his time, his concerns as an artist, his relationships with his publishers.

Bowed instrument 1853324 1920
Le violon d'Ingres avec Maïté Louis, N.M. Vizcaino et Alain Carré

Let Mr. Ingres speak of his violin under the fingers of Maïté Louis and the vocal cords of Alain Carré. "Genius musicians alone know how to joke! » (Ingres)

Le goût de Vienne avec Maïté Louis, N.M. Vizcaino et Alain Carré

There are many ways to enter Vienna ... We propose you that of the walker who gives himself to the chance of sensations, under the literary pen of the composers and the writers who dreamed or lived there, to the sound of the music of Fritz Kreisler, your guide in the splendid city!