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Venice's FragranceCritiques de l'album

…c’est avec exubérance que l’ensemble Artemandoline restitue les dernières splendeurs d’un baroque instrumental napolitain…dans une abondance de détails luxuriants et raffinés au niveau de l’ornementation. Quelles couleurs chatoyantes, vibrantes ! Fabienne Bouvet, Classica

…Artemandoline se distingue por los giros armónicos, los detalles ornamentales y un gran ingenio melódico. Toda la Música, Madrid

…in allem führt Artemandoline leichtfüßig den Nachweis, dass es mit drei Mandolinen aller Art, Cembalo, Barockgitarre, Cello und Violone absolut konkurrenzlos sein könnte… Wer denkt, damit sei die Virtuosität auf den in der Stimmung durchaus tückischen Zupfinstrumenten an ihren Obergrenze angelangt, der reibt sich danach noch einmal Augen und Ohren. Frappierende Technik… Nordwest Zeitung, Horst Hollmann


Artemandoline was nominated for the «International Classical Music Awards 2019» (ICMA) for their new cd «Concerti napoletani per mandolino», Sony- Deutsche Harmonia Mundi.
Artemandoline was nominated for the « International Classical Music Awards"(ICMA) 2016 with the cd "Sospiri d'amanti" with soprano Nuria Rial (Sony, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi).
Artemandoline have received the award of the 'Export Artist Award of the year 2015'
by Music:Lx in the classical category.

Pizzicato, Remy Franck, « Perfume of Italy », "Christophorus. Artemandoline, one of the world’s best mandolin ensembles, plays a set of mostly Italian pieces. The inspired freshness and the sparkling virtuosity alone are fascinating. However, brilliance is not the only asset of these interpretations, which are also mightily expressive."

Bachtrack, Jonathan Sutherland. "…In the opulent Golden Hall of the Palace Rundāle (Riga, Latvia) we heared a delightful recital of Scarlatti, Dall’Abaco, Vivaldi and Veracini by the Luxembourg-based Artemandoline ensemble. As the name would imply, the group comprises Baroque mandolins, Baroque guitar, viola da gamba and cembalo. This was musicianship of the highest calibre in an ideal setting of intimacy and charm."

Toccata, Robert Strobl "…the musicians interpret these concertos with finesse and make them majestic. The recording is very interesting and I recommend it for many reasons. But the main reason is and remains: the cd its just beautiful!"

Münsterland Festival, Christine Sörries "the Luxembourg musicians of Artemandoline have definitely dusted off the music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They give a new impulse a new life to the ancient music…"

Pizzicato, M. Ribeiro. CD Sospiri d’amanti, Sony. "This CD is a jewel of Baroque music. Nuria Rial’s voice perfectly melts with the colored and sensitive sound of one of the world’s best mandolin ensembles, Artemandoline." Supersonic Prize

Washington Post "a small amount of mandolin music can go a long way, but in the hands of suche fine musicians, a two-hour concert passes quickly for audiences that can appreciate the delicacy of tone provided by such graceful instruments."