BS ARTIST COMMUNICATION has been working for more than 20 years with all French and foreign media (press, radio, TV, local media and web) to highlight your career and all your classical music projects: launching a CD, promoting a tour or a festival, organization of competitions (Eric Aubier International Trumpet Competition 2017)
 Bsa logocom presents its services of:


More than 20 years in the management of classical artists has allowed us to establish strong relationships with many journalists. If you want to promote a CD, we propose you to fulfill the mission of press secretary which includes: the drafting and the diffusion of a press release (accompanied by the CD) with journalists of the profession then the census of all the press articles published in an elegant press review. READ MORE


We increase the visibility of artists on the net by increasing targeted contacts on Facebook and Twitter. We propose a mission of three months which allows to launch a virtuous circle of contacts. We also offer a website creation service showcase the image of the artist. READ MORE


We establish the communication media of the artists: flyer, newsletter, mailing. A database of over 2500 e-mail addresses regularly updated by artistic directors, orchestra chess, cultural managers and journalists enables us to effectively disseminate the information of our artists. READ MORE

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Press release HERE

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