Duo Phébus - Programmes



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1) Free programme

This colourful programme is made up of pieces from different periods and styles. The length of the concert and the choice of works (see repertoire below) can be adapted to suit the organiser's requirements.

Sample programme:
- Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART, "Sonata for Violin and Piano in G Major, KV 301", 15'.
- Anders KOPPEL, "Tarentelle", 9', in French
- Nadia BOULANGER, " 3 pièces pour Violoncelle et Piano ", 7' (in French)
- Camille SAINT-SAËNS, " Fantaisie " in A major, op. 124 , 14'
- Claude DEBUSSY, "Rêverie", 4'.
- Maurice RAVEL, "Pavane pour une Infante Défunte", 5'.
- Astor PIAZZOLLA, "Histoire du Tango : Nightclub 1960", 6'.


2) "Around Dance" programme

This programme introduces you to several forms of dance used in Western art music from different eras and cultural areas.

Sample programme:
- Béla BARTÓK, "6 Danses Populaires Roumaines", 6'.
- Gabriel FAURÉ, "Sicilienne", 3', in French
- Arcangelo CORELLI, 'Sonata for Violin and Continuous Bass No. 8 in E minor', Op. 5, 10'.
- Jean-Claude GENGEMBRE, " Suite de Danses ", 18' (in French)
- Fritz KREISLER, "Liebesleid", 3', in French
- Erik SATIE, "Je te Veux", 5' (I Want You)
- Jacques IBERT, " Entr'acte ", 3'
- Astor PIAZZOLLA, "Histoire du Tango : Nightclub 1960", 6'.

Total running time: approximately 1 hour


3) Thematic programme "Journey between East and West

Taking the form of an itinerary that begins in Belgium and passes through Africa and the Far East, this programme focuses mainly on composers whose work is influenced by cultural cross-fertilisation. It also gives pride of place to composers from the 20th and 21st centuries.

- Joseph JONGEN: "Aquarelles: Légende Naïve", 5'.
- François NARBONI: 'Jour de Colère', 10' (in French)
- Béla BARTÓK: "6 Danses Populaires Roumaines", 6'.
- Wim HENDERICKX: "African Suite", 6' (in French)
- Claude DEBUSSY: "En Bateau", 4' (in French)
- Toru TAKEMITSU: "Toward the Sea", 10'.
- Minoru MIKI: "Time", 10' (in French)
- Yoshihisa TAÏRA: "Convergence III", 10' (in French)
- Maurice RAVEL: 'Ma Mère l'Oye: Laideronette, Impératrice des Pagodes', 3'

Total duration: approximately 70'



The pieces are listed in alphabetical order and in their original instrumentation.
Unless otherwise indicated, all transcriptions are by our duo.

- Johan Sebastian BACH, "Sonata in C Major" for flute and piano, BWV 1033
- Béla BARTOK, "Romanian Dances" for violin and piano
- Nadia BOULANGER, '3 Pieces for Cello and Piano
- Arcangelo CORELLI, 'Violin Sonata No. 8', Op. 5 for violin and continuo
- Claude DEBUSSY, "En Bateau" for piano 4 hands
- Claude DEBUSSY, " La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin " for piano solo
- Claude DEBUSSY, " Rêverie " for solo piano
- Gaetano DONIZETTI, " Sonate en sol mineur " for violin and harp
- Gabriel FAURÉ, 'Sicilienne' for cello and piano
- Georg Friedrich HAENDEL, 'Sonata in E Major' for violin and continuo, HWV 373
- Jean-Claude GENGEMBRE, 'Suite de Danses' for marimba and violin
- Wim HENDERICKX, "African Suite" for multipercussion and violin
- Jacques IBERT, 'Entr'acte' for violin and harp
- Joseph JONGEN, "Aquarelles: Légende Naïve" for violin and piano
- Anders KOPPEL, "Tarantella" for violin and marimba
- Anders KOPPEL, "Perpetuum Mobile" for violin and marimba (commissioned by Duo Phébus)
- Fritz KREISLER, 'Liebesfreud', 'Liebesleid' and 'Schön Rosmarin' for violin and piano
- Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART, "Sonata in G Major" for violin and piano, KV 301
- Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART, "Sonata in E flat Major" for violin and piano, KV 302
- François NARBONI, "Jour de Colère" for violin and marimba (commissioned by Duo Phébus)
- Nicolo PAGANINI, 'Sonata Concertata' for violin and guitar
- Sam PERKIN, 'Prelude and Fugue' for violin and marimba
- Astor PIAZZOLLA, 'Histoire du Tango' for flute and guitar
- Maurice RAVEL, " Ma Mère l'Oye : Laideronette, Impératrice des Pagodes " for piano 4 hands
- Maurice RAVEL, " Pavane pour une Infante Défunte " for piano solo
- Camille SAINT-SAËNS, 'Fantaisie' in A major, op. 124 for violin and harp
- Erik SATIE, 'Je te Veux' for soprano and piano
- Alfred SCHNITTKE, 'Polka' for violin and piano
- Torû TAKEMITSU, 'Toward the Sea' for alto flute and guitar