Franck Masquelier - Programmes


1 - Flower distribution

2 - Jardins En'chantés

3 - Après un rêve

4 - Orientale fragrance

5 - From Séville to Buenos-Aires

6 - L'invitation au voyage

7 - In the Viennese salons

8 - The flute at the Opera

9 - Bach in family

10 - Mittel Europa


Flower distribution

Franck Masquelier, flute et Céline Mata, harp

  • Isaac Albeniz : Suite espagnole (Granada - Asturias - Cadiz - Sevilla)
  • Francisco Tarrega : Caprice arabe
  • Astor Piazzolla : Street tango
  • Heïtor Villa-Lobos : Distribution de fleurs
  • Astor Piazzolla : l’Histoire du tango (Bordel 1900 – Café 1930 – Night-club 1960)
  • Antonio-Carlos Jobim : Girl from Ipanema

When two instruments, the flute and the harp are made to meet, it gives rare and precious moments of music. This program, which brings together two exceptional musicians, will take you from Spain to Brazil, passing through Argentina: all the influence of the roots and tradition of Spanish music is really understood in the new forms created by by the Brazilians Villa-Lobos and Jobim and the Argentine Piazzolla.

Jardins enchantés

Jocelyne Lucas, mezzo-soprano - Franck Masquelier, flute - Céline Mata, harp

  • Georges Bizet : Chanson d’avril, poème : Bouilhet
  • Léo Delibes : Trois oiseaux, poème de F. Coppée
  • Reynaldo Hahn : Si mes vers avaient des ailes, poème de V.Hugo
  • Jules Massenet : Méditation de Thaïs (flûte et harpe)
  • Jules Massenet : Oh! Si les fleurs avaient des yeux
  • Maurice Ravel : La flûte enchantée extrait de Shéhérazade
  • Hector Berlioz : Duo Nocturne extrait de Béatrice et Bénédict
  • Marcel Tournier : La volière magique (harpe seule)
  • Albert Roussel : Rossignol, mon mignon, poème de Pierre de Ronsard
  • Jules Massenet : Elégie, poème Louis Gallet
  • Hector Berlioz : Le Spectre de la rose, extrait des Nuits d’été
  • Gabriel Fauré : Sicilienne Op.78, extraite de Pelleas et Mélisande
  • Léo Delibes : Duo des fleurs extrait de l'opéra Lakmé
  • Giacomo Puccini : Tutti I Fior extrait de Madame Butterfly

The melodists Faure, Bizet, Berlioz, Massenet ... by the agreement between music and text plunge us into an impressionistic world of colors and smells of gardens. The Opera also has its place in this program. Here, the second voice interpreted by the flute brings that airy and colorful side that wants to express and the music and the text. The harp spreads a lot and in this repertoire it is also waving. The voice comes to rest without weighing down and the lyrics bring meaning and understanding of the musical structure.

Après un rêve

Delphine Haidan, mezzo-soprano - Franck Masquelier, flute - Daniela Mizzi, piano

  • Georg-Friedrich Haendel : Ombra mai fu, extrait de Xerxes
  • Georg-Friedrich Haendel : Moi bel tesoro, extrait de Ruggiero
  • Franz Schubert : Ständchen D899, Litanel auf das Fest Aller Seelen, Erlkönig D328
  • Paul Taffanel : Grande Fantaisie sur le Freitschütz de Weber pour flûte et piano
  • Ambroise Thomas : Connais-tu le pays, extrait de Mignon
  • Maurice Ravel : La flûte enchantée extrait de Shéhérazade (voix, flûte et piano)
  • Christoph-Willibald Glück : J’ai perdu mon Eurydice, extrait d’Orphée
  • Christoph-Willibald Glück : Danse des Esprits, pour flûte et piano
  • Gabriel Fauré : Le Papillon et la fleur Op.1 n°1 pour voix et piano
  • Gabriel Fauré : Sicilienne Op.78, extraite de Pelleas et Mélisande
  • Gabriel Fauré : Après un rêve, pour voix, flûte et piano
  • Francis Poulenc : Les Chemins de l’Amour, pour voix, flûte et piano
  • Georges Bizet : Chanson bohème, extraite de Carmen, voix, flûte et piano

This original trio composed of leading artists (Delphine Haidan nominated to the victories of the 1998 music - Daniela Mizzi accompanier at the CNSM Lyon) offers a program that is both original, brilliant, virtuoso, but also sensual, languorous, with a lot of musical emotion. Pieces written for the respective instruments intermingle between tunes and melodies. A pure moment of happiness not to be missed !

Orientale Fragrance

Stanislas Grassian, actor - Trio Panama : Franck Masquelier, flute - Pascal Pacaly, guitar - Dominique Naninck, percussion

  • Trois mélodies japonaises : Kojo no Tsuki - Hakone magouna - Itsuki Komori Una
  • Deux mélodies chinoises
  • Mélodie albanaise : Kengë shkodrane
  • Ravi Shankar : L’Aube enchantée
  • Francisco Tarrega : Caprice arabe
  • Sylvain Kassap : Karagöz
  • Trois danses palestiniennes : Luna Shahanaze - El Bahàra - La maman de Saad

Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Indian poems and lyrics from Khalil Gibran et Tahar Ben Jelloun.

The Trio Panama invites you to a journey highlighting the contrasts of oriental music. The melodies evoke the "scents" of the country of the Rising Sun, China, northern India and the Mediterranean basin. Greedy new sounds, this trio offers you to discover the diversity of these different traditional music. The talent of comedian Stanislas Grassian brings an alchemy between music and poetry to this musical show.

From Séville to Buenos-Aires

Trio Furioso : Thierry Boiteux, flute - Franck Masquelier, flute - Adrien Maza, guitar

  • Luigi Boccherini : Introduction et Fandago en Ré M G448
  • Joaquin Turina : Cinq Danses bohémiennes Op.55
  • Astor Piazzolla : Verano Portano, pour guitare seule
  • Georges Bizet : Suite extraite de Carmen
  • Philippe Lemaigre : Huit clos (commande du Trio Furioso)
  • Sebastian Piana : Milonga Sentimental
  • Astor Piazzolla : Libertango
  • Programm Viens une flûte invisible, also available

    Born in 2010 from a common passion for musical emotion, the Furioso trio proposes to share and promote the authenticity of the live show through an inventive repertoire, varied and rich in surprises.

    The originality of the formation "two flutes (sometimes alto flute) and guitar" allows a natural opening to Spanish music thanks to unprecedented transcriptions and inspires composers such as Philippe Lemaigre whose piece "Huis Clos" opens a moving atmosphere and news.

L’invitation au voyage

Franck Masquelier, flute - Maud Gastinel, alto - Céline Mata, harp

  • Claude Debussy : Suite Bergamasque (Prélude - Menuet - Clair de lune - Passepied)
  • Gabriel Fauré : Sicilienne, extrait de Pélléas et Mélisande
  • Maurice Ravel : Pièce en forme d’Habanera (flûte et harpe)
  • Gabriel Fauré : Après un rêve (alto et harpe)
  • Camille Saint-Saëns : Fantaisie, op.124 pour flûte et harpe
  • Claude Debussy : Sonate pour flûte, alto et harpe

A flute, a viola, a harp, three instruments, three soloists. Franck Masquelier, Maud Gastinel and Céline Mata offer you an invitation to travel. A musical journey with Debussy, Ravel, Fauré, Saint-Saëns.

The famous sonata for flute, viola and harp in mirror. the Bergamasque suite, amazing subtle colors and extreme shades: a jewel. Obviously, the science of melody and harmony of Gabriel Fauré could not be absent from this program through two pieces of the repertoire: After a dream and the Sicilian op.78, extracted from Pelléas and Mélisande...

In the Viennese salons

Franck Masquelier, flute - Vadim Tchijik, violin - Frédéric Carrière, alto - Fabrice Loyal, cello

  • Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart : Quatuor pour flûte et cordes en La Majeur KV 298
  • Joseph Haydn : Quatuor pour flûte et cordes en Sol Majeur op.5 n°2
  • Ferdinand Ries : Quatuor pour flûte et cordes en Do mineur op.145
  • Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart : Quatuor en Ré Majeur KV 285b

It is often said that Mozart did not have a particular attraction for the flute. This statement was born from a letter written to his father in September 1778, in which it says: "You know that I can become almost helpless when I am forced to write for an instrument that I do not wear in my heart ".

This passage refers to the compositions that the Dutch flautist H. de Jean had commissioned him during his stay in Mannheim. Nevertheless, we can only note that his works for this instrument are full of charm.

Let us invite you to one of these Viennese salons, where Haydn, Mozart or the German composer Ferdinand Ries frequently performed.

The flute at the Opera

  • Aria Quintet from Paris - Christine Dresse-Devanne, flute - Jean-Philippe Grometto, flute - Nathalie Langlois, flute - Franck Masquelier, flute - Florence Semichon, flute
    • Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart : Ouverture et airs de la flûte enchantée
    • Karl Doppler : Fantaisie brillante sur la Somnambule de Bellini
    • Georges Bizet : Suite extraite de Carmen
    • Gioachino Rosssini : Ouverture de l’Italienne à Alger
    • Karl Doppler : Fantaisie sur Rigoletto de Verdi

Other programs also available on request

Spend a moment at the opera in the company of Mozart and Rossini, go on a trip with Carmen the Spanish and the famous Tico Tico Brazilian or walk in a jam session after dreaming about film music; here is an evening spent with Quintette Aria from Paris. After his concerts recorded by Radio-France and Radio Suisse Romande, his participation in TV shows on TF1 and France 3, the press praised his professionalism and dynamism. He was supported in his action by Fip and Radio Classique. The ensemble recorded two Cd's: Flute Follies and Flute Follies 2. The Aria Quintet from Paris won the international competitions of Martigny (Switzerland) and Illzach (France). He is also a laureate of the Geaorges Cziffra Foundation, the Philip Morris Music Action and is a member of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.

Bach in family

Duo flute and organ : Franck Masquelier, flute - Claude Nadeau, organ

  • Johann-Sebastien Bach : Sonate pour flûte et orgue en sol m BWV 1020
  • Johann-Christoph Bach : Sonate pour flûte et orgue n°1 en ré Majeur
  • Johann-Sebastien Bach : Prélude et fugue pour orgue en ré mineur BWV 543a
  • Johann-Christian Bach : Sonate pour flûte et orgue n°3 en ré Majeur BWV 572
  • Johann-Sebastien Bach : Sonate pour flûte et orgue en Mi Majeur BWV 1035
  • Carl-Philipp-Emmanuel Bach : Sonate pour flûte et orgue en ré Majeur TWV 124

A flute, an organ, in a program entirely devoted to the Bach family. We think we already know everything about Johann Sebastian Bach. Who really knows the work and life of his son composers, where the significant musical contribution of his second wife Anna-Magdalena. Claude Nadeau, organist of the St-Cornely historical organ of Carnac (Morbihan) and head of the Baroque Orchestra of Brittany, twirling on the keyboards of the organs put at his disposal, with the magic of the flute, in this program full of surprises, which will be commented by the artists throughout the concert.

Mittel Europa

Duo flute and piano : Franck Masquelier, flute - Jasmina Kulaglich, piano

  • Anton Dvorak : Sonatine pour flûte et piano en Sol Majeur Op.100
  • Robert Schumann : 3 Romances pour flûte et piano Op. 94
  • Bohuslav Martinu : Première Sonate pour flûte et piano
  • Anton Dvorak : Danse slave Op.72 n°2 en mi mineur (transcription Kreisler)
  • Johannes Brahms : Deux danses hongroises

The magic of Central European music !! Flutist Franck Masquelier and pianist Jasmina Kulaglich offer a dense program of works by iconic composers from the "Mittel Europa". Born in Belgrade, laureate of the Belgrade Conservatory, the Paris Conservatoire, and several international prizes, and passionate of chamber music, Jasmina enchants us in this duet by the engagement of her vibrating game. Interiority and power built in one line...