Jean Dubé - Programmes


Selection of 5 programmes

1. Programme of film music (given at the Perfect Agreement in Paris on 1 October 2022)

S.Prokofiev : Romance and Troika (from the film Lieutenant Kijé)
A.Newman/J.Dubé : The 7 mercenaries, Theme
M.Rosza/J.Dubé : El Cid, opening
M.Rosza/J.Dubé : Ben-hur, Theme
M.Steiner/J.Dubé : Gone with the Wind, Theme
C.Bolling/G.Krezos : Borsalino and Co, Theme
Vangelis/J.Dubé : 1492 : Conquest of paradise


G.Calvi/J.Dubé : le petit baigneur, Theme
G.Delerue/J.Dubé : Dandelions by the root, Theme
H.Mancini /Mercuzio : Breakfast at Tiffany's : song "Moon River
A.Piazzolla/D.K.Cheong : Children of Heaven : tango "Oblivion
J.Williams /J.Dubé : Star Wars, Theme
J.Williams /J.Dubé : Indiana Jones, Theme
B.Poledouris /J.Dubé : Conan the Barbarian : Anvil of crom,Theology, Riddle of steel Riders of doom
J.Hurwitz/J.Koller : La la land Suite

2. 20th century / contemporary programme

Debussy : Ballade
Ravel : a boat on the ocean
Ravel : The valley of the bells
Ravel : Toccata
Jean michel Damase :
theme and variations
Introduction and allegro


Messiaen :
Regard no.11 "Premiere communion de la Vierge
Regard no.10 "Regard de l'esprit de joie
Einojuhani Rautavaara: Sonata no.2 "The Fire Sermon
Demis Visvikis : The Star of Light (dedicated to Jean Dubé)

3. Varied programme

Bach/Liszt: Prelude and Fugue No.1 in A minor
Schubert : Sonata in A major op.120
Chopin : Barcarolle


Granados: 2 extracts from Goyescas :
Los majos enamorados
El maja y el ruisenor
Manuel Infante :
Variations on "el vito
Liszt: Spanish Rhapsody

4. Liszt programme

12 studies of transcendental execution   

5. Programme American and Canadian Music

Charles Wakefield Cadman: Piano Sonata
Charles Wakefield Cadman: Thunderbird Suite (based on Native American themes)
Preston Ware Orem: American Indian Rhapsody (based on Native American themes)


André Mathieu: Canadian Spring
André Mathieu: Québec Concerto (abridged version by Mathieu)
Gershwin: 3 Preludes
Gershwin/Daly: An American in Paris (revised by Jean Dubé)