Olivier Pons - Compositions


Some shows

"The fabulous destiny of Paganini (see details at the bottom of the page)
With Gabriel Bianco, Guitar
180 000 views on You Tube

Very soon
Vivaldi's Four Seasons with the Eclisses Quartet
(lively presentation with reading of the poems of the Four Seasons)

In recital with piano
Programmes of all kinds with presentation of the works to the public

With orchestra, see list of concertos, Mendelssohn's beautiful concerto for violin and strings written at the age of 13

Also with orchestra, in 2023, bicentenary of the birth of LALO, composer of the Spanish Symphony
(dedicated to Sarasate who was his friend), heard by Bizet in 1874 who, interested in the sound of Spanish folklore, wrote Carmen the following year

Possibility of solo violin recital: Chaconne, Variations by Paganini, Ysaye, etc.

Possibility of a lecture before the concert (whatever the programme)
"An inner violin" reveals in an accessible way what goes on in the mind of a performing musician;
relationship to the instrument, working feelings, affinity to the composer, gesture and sound, style, lifestyle,
stage fright, the ear, artistic eloquence, etc.

Violin-cello programme
Ravel (sonata in memory of Claude Debussy), Mozart duets in G and B transcribed from the viola (CD released in 2016),
Dvorak, Vitali, Paganini, etc.

Etc. etc.



Violin - piano recital, "great classics" repertoire
Mozart: Sonata Kv304
Beethoven: Sonata N°8
Paganini: "I Palpiti

Brahms: Sonata N°3
Wieniawski: Scherzo-Tarentelle

Mozart: Adagio Kv261 and Rondo Kv373
Beethoven: Sonata No 5, Spring
Paganini: Sonata in E minor

Brahms: Sonata No 1
Waxman: Carmen Fantasy

Superlative Classics
Mozart: Sonata Kv304
Beethoven: Kreutzer Sonata
Brahms: Sonata No 3
Waxman: Carmen Fantasy


Slavic Romanticism
Dvorak: Romantic pieces
Tchaikovsky: Meditation and Waltz-Scherzo
Wienawski: Legend and Scherzo-Tarentelle

Prokofiev: 2nd Sonata for violin and piano

Scandinavian music
Sibelius: Novelette and Country Dances
Merikanto: Variations on a popular theme, Air, Lullaby
Sibelius: Sonatina

Grieg: Sonata in G for Violin and Piano

French Resonance
Saint-Saëns: Havanaise
Ravel: Sonata for violin and piano

Chausson: Poème
Franck: Sonata for violin and piano

Solo violin recital
Bach: Partita in B minor
Paganini: Caprices (N°6 " The wind ", N°9 " The hunt ", etc.)
Ysaye: Sonata No 3, Ballade

Telemann: Fantasia
Prokofiev: Solo Sonata Op115
Paganini: Variations " Nel cor piu non mi sento

Around the "Chaconne
Telemann: Fantasia
Ysaye: Sonata No.4
Paganini: Caprices (No. 6 "Le vent", No. 9 "La chasse", etc.)
Ysaye: Sonata No.6
Bach: Partita in D min ending with the Chaconne



Violin and piano:

MOZART: Sonatas
BEETHOVEN: Sonata N°1, N°8, Sonata in a minor “Kreutzer”, Spring sonata
BRAHMS: Sonata nr.1 and 3
DVORAK: Romantic Pieces
SCHUBERT: All Sonatas
PROKOFIEV: Sonata nr. 2
Five Melodies
TCHAIKOVSKY: Meditation, Melody, Valse Scherzo, Melancholic Serenade.
WIENIAWSKI: Variations on an original theme, Scherzo Tarantella
RAVEL: Sonate
FRANCK: Sonate
PAGANINI: “I palpiti”, Venice Carnival, Tarantella, La Campanella, Sonata in e minor, …     
SIBELIUS: Sonatina, Danses champêtres, Novelette, Humoresques, etc.
MERIKANTO: Air, Variations sur un thème populaire, Berceuse
GRIEG: Sonate en Sol             

Solo violin:

BACH: All Sonatas and Partitas.
PAGANINI: Caprices 1-2-5-6-9-13-14-22-23-24
Introduction, theme and variations on “Nel cor piu non mi sento”
YSAYE: Sonatas Op 27 nr. 3, 4 and 6
PROKOFIEV: Solo sonata op 115

Violin and orchestra:

DVORAK: Concerto in A
JOACHIM: Concerto in Hungarian style
TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto in D major
PAGANINI: Concerto in D Major with Cadenza by Sauret, La Campanella.
LALO: Symphonie espagnole
BEETHOVEN: Concerto in D, Triple concerto, Romance in F
BACH: All concertos
MOZART: Concerto in G major
Concerto in D major
Concerto in A major
MENDELSSOHN: Concerto N°1 (Violin/Strings), and N°2 (Violin/Orchestra)
VIVALDI: The Four seasons.
RAVEL: Tzigane
SARASATE: Gipsy airs, Caprice basque
SAINT-SAENS: Havanaise


Paganini, a life of a novel!

Olivier PONS, Violin Gabriel BIANCO, Guitar
The concert combines Paganini's solos and duets for Violin and Guitar, and the story of his incredible life.
Duration: ca. 120 min http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBTtdApO3ds More than 180.000 views on You Tube

The legendary Italian virtuoso is known for having given music a heroic dimension, consecrating its entry into Romanticism. But the man's fate is little known, and yet quite unimaginable... Almost buried alive at the age of 5, he was exhumed four times in the 55 years following his death. Almost sequestered with his violin during his childhood, by a father whose rigour echoed a vision of the Virgin announcing to his mother an incomparable talent and destiny, the appearances on stage of the Paganini phenomenon triggered collective hysteria.
Close to one of Napoleon's sisters, imprisoned, suspected of being superhuman, then accused of having a pact with the devil, Paganini left for a seven-year tour and 400 concerts that ensured his fame for several centuries... But what exactly is the impact of these incredible events on Paganini's artistic production?

Musical programme :
- Sonata Concertante (Guitar and Violin) in A Major MS2: Allegro Spiritoso, Adagio assai espressivo, Rondeau
- The Carnival of Venice Theme and 20 variations MS59
- Tarantella MS76

---- Pause ----

- Grand Sonata for Guitar in A Major MS3 Allegro risoluto, Romance, Andantino variato
- Cantabile MS109
- Caprices Violin No. 9, 6, 5 MS25 Op.1
- I Palpiti MS77