Maite louis violoniste
Rachel Kolly d'Alba, Violin

Maïté Louis is currently sharing her activities between her career as a performing artist, her position as a concertmaster at the Orchestre Les Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble and her teaching activities at the Grenoble Regional Conservatory of Music.

David Louwerse
David Louwerse - Cellist

Violoncelliste français aux multiples facettes, David Louwerse se passionne pour la création musicale sous toutes ses formes.

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Rachel Kolly d'Alba, Geigerin

Rachel Kolly d'Alba gilt als eine der begabtesten Schweizer Musikerinnen ihrer Generation

Olivia gay 05 hdred
Olivia Gay, Cello

Recognized for his outstanding musical commitment, curiosity and precision of his game, Olivia Gay is one of the bright young generation of French cellists.