BSArtist Management


B20190809 201857 2SArtist Management enables artists to emphasize their talent and expand their career worldwide, especially in France and Germany thanks to her many professional connections and because of her perfect knowledge of these two countries.

Bettina SADOUX studied music and piano at the Music Conservatory in Lübeck and Hamburg University (Germany). She was in charge of music production at the Hamburg Concert Management and worked with Jessye NORMAN, Margaret PRICE, Alexis WEISSENBERG, Katia et Marielle LABEQUE, Christoph ESCHENBACH… Then, as an independent producer in Germany, she took charge of numerous soloists and ensembles such as Pops Orchestra Hamburg or Modern Philharmonics.

In France, she worked at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and with the artistic agent Eliane Ribet. She then decided to dedicate her work and experience to musicians of international musical prestige.