Pianist and Composer

Svetlana Andreeva

Svetlana Andreeva was born in Dzhankoy, a small town on the Crimean Peninsula in southern Ukraine. After graduating from the Central School of Music, she became a student of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and studied piano with Professor Natalia Trull and composition with Professor Leonid Bobylev.

Aurélien Pontier

Aurélien Pontier is one of the outstanding personalities of the younger generation of French pianists.

Cyril Guillotin

The richness and elegance of its sound palette, combined with its remarkable and intense sensitivity, make Cyril Guillotin an artist apart, an unclassifiable pianist.

Matthieu Stefanelli
Matthieu Stefanelli, winner of the Orléans and Bremen competitions and of the Banque Populaire Foundation, performs both his own Concerto for piano and chamber orchestra Chroma and the classical and romantic repertoire.
As a disciple of Jacques Rouvier, Prisca Benoît and Bruno Rigutto, and with his experience as a composer, he brings a personal touch to his performances.

Muza Rubackyté

Muza Rubackyté has performed with leading worldwide orchestras.

Sandra Chamoux

An eclectic musician, Sandra Chamoux boasts a very diverse repertory as a soloist and in chamber music. She performed all of Rachmaninov’s lifework on Two Pianos and Four Hands with pianist Florence Cioccolani.

Françoise Choveaux

Françoise Choveaux revives a musical tradition that goes back to the 19th century. She is a composer but also a pianist. She plays her own works (which others also play, of course) but also the works of composers she loves. Each score is inspired either by travels, or by inner emotions, or directly linked to a literary or pictorial work.

Madoka Fukami

Born in Kyoto, the young Japanese pianist and fortepianist Madoka Fukami has been hailed by critics as "A true musician by nature" (Concertclassic), "Radiantly beautiful with breathtaking mastery" (Magcentre) and "Eminent Debussyste" (Classicagenda).

Christian Chamorel

Pianist Christian Chamorel is remarkable for the diversity of his repertoire and his exacting artistic approach.

Cyril Huvé

Victoire de la Musique 2010 for his recording of piano works by Mendelssohn on a Broadwood from 1840, Cyril Huvé is a pioneer of a historically informed approach on period instruments (Liszt/Erard in 1986, Chopin/Pleyel in 1992, Beethoven/Schanz in 2003...)

Albena Petrovic

Albena Petrovic is a Luxembourg composer of Bulgarian origin.
She is a Chevalier de l'Ordre de Mérite du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.
Her prolific work is regularly represented on the international scene, especially her discographic presence is followed by the specialised press in European countries and USA.
His discography is represented by several international labels.

Jean Muller

Jean Muller performed the complete cycles of Beethoven’s and Mozart’s piano sonatas in concert. His discography won numerous awards, such as the Gramophone Critic’s Choice, International Piano Choice, Stern des Monats Fono Forum, DeutschlandRadio Kultur CD der Woche, Pizzicato Excellentia, etc.